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Avodart is used for treating symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia or enlargement of the prostate gland.

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Bph medications avodart idazole (Avodart, Boehringer Ingelheim). 2.2.2. Case series Cases of patients with seborrheic keratosis in multiple sclerosis are rare. A retrospective epidemiological case-control study of 2,061 patients with MS and 1,902 age- sex-matched healthy controls found no association between the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and the presence of seborrheic keratosis[20]. 2.3. Skin of adult patients with multiple sclerosis Acquired seborrheic keratosis in the skin of adult patients with MS has been reported. It reported in 20 patients <$%INSIDE_LINK_0%$> with MS[21]. Although there should be no reason to treat a patient for possible acquired seborrheic keratosis, there are no therapeutic procedures for the prevention or treatment of disease at this time. 2.4. Skin of patients with inherited disorders Seborrhoeic keratosis is reported in patients with inherited disorders ranging in severity from systemic lupus erythematoid syndrome to congenital retinal tachycardia syndrome. In <$%OUTSIDE_LINK_0%$> one study, skin lesions were observed more frequently in patients with inherited disorders, such as Alport syndrome[22]. In addition several cases, acquired seborrheic keratosis was described in patients with inherited disorders where the lesions on face could be present the chest[23]. 2.5. Skin lesions and associated symptoms in psoriasis On the skin surface of patients with psoriasis, seborrheic keratosis may be present without associated clinical features. Patients with psoriasis can develop seborrheic keratosis even when the develops as an isolated lesion[24]. In a study conducted 13 patients with psoriasis, seborrheic keratosis was present in 12 patients and clinically was not severe[25]. The condition may be more pronounced in psoriatic skin biopsy, and several patients, the lesion was present within psoriasis psoralen layer (a patchy psoriatic scaly or hyperpigmented, eruption with a small, round to oval, irregularly shaped, or absent lesion). It can cause other signs and symptoms such as burning, crawling, pitting, itching, and redness, may have diffuse, prominent redness[25]. Seborrheic keratosis is more frequently observed in psoriasis psoralen layers comparison to its presence in healthy skin; it may be more pronounced in the uppermost layers. presence of seborrheic keratosis, other signs and symptoms may be present such as erythema, pain, and erythematous mottleness of the skin. Pain, scratching, and skin peeling are important findings in these cases. Soreness is usually aggravated with exudate, and more significantly the presence of a seborrheic keratosis. 2.6. Skin of patients with facial tumors Tumor-induced seborrheic keratosis in patients with Avodart 0.5mg $101.39 - $0.84 Per pill facial tumors is rare. In one case, seborrheic keratosis was also noted in a patient with breast cancer and in a single case of melanoma, which was associated with seborrheic keratosis, which was not associated with the skin cancer itself[26]. lesion was not as extensive in patients with metastatic melanoma as in patients with skin cancer.

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